Soy Candle Amber Glass Jar

Amber Apothecary jar with Primitive Looking Lids

This soy candle is hand poured with soy wax in small batches. It is strongly scented.


-This soy candle is hand poured with soy wax in small batches to ensure the highest quality pours.
-Amber Glass Jar with Primitive Looking Lids 7.5 oz. soy candle burn time: approximately 70 hours
-Dimensions: 2.75″ width x 3.5″ height.
-Each soy candle comes packaged in a Burlap Bag.


We have developed our unique 12 Step Pouring Process.
Our soy candles are poured completely different than any other candle on the market.


The wicks should be trimmed to a 1/4 inch every time before you light your candle.
Try to burn candles long enough each time so that the entire top layer melts to the sides before being extinguished. Candles should be burned at least 1 hour for each inch in diameter.
If you want to burn your candle longer 4 hours, you should extinguish the candle after 3 hours, then trim the wicks carefully and relight it. This will give you extra hours of clean burning.

You choose your scent. Specify your choice in note at checkout

Choose from..

Bourbon – Brown Sugar
Eucalyptus – Sage
Wood Smoke – Amber
Cedar wood – Vanilla
Sea Salt – Bay Rum
Tobacco – Sandalwood